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I know it's been absolutely ages since I've blogged (head hanging). But since my new blogsite is in it's final programming stages, I figure I had better start blogging again so that all of my content isn't super old when people actually start reading again. So here goes. If anyone needs an update, I am living in Los Angeles with my wonderful husband of 6 months, Gary but still flying to the east coast (mainly DC but also NYC, Montreal & Maine this year) for various weddings. One of the most recent was Jill & Sean's wedding at St. Matthew's Cathedral and Hotel Monaco on March 28th. I think that Jill found me through one of my brides from a few years ago but as it turns out, we actually had a number of connections. Jill's cousins Carey (who was a bridesmaid) and Lori were sorority sisters of mine at Virginia

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Today I bring you the long awaited wedding of Erin & Sean which I shot in Annapolis a couple of weeks ago. Erin and I were sorority sisters (Alphi Phi) together at Virginia Tech, we were actually in the same pledge class and played lacrosse together freshman year...even though I only played one game and decided that exercise was not going to be part of my regular college life. :) Anyway, during hte past couple of weeks, traveling and then having my dad visit for a week has left me having lots of fun but a bit behind on my editing so I apologize. Thank you to Erin & Sean and guests for being so patient. Here are some highlights.... This picture should say a lot about how the day started out. There was a tornado warning and it was so rainy and windy, we were afraid the tent might blow away. Then

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