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Well thank you everyone for the amazing response on the Lisa Loeb Eyewear giveaway. There were a LOT of entries but I'm very happy to say congratulations to Brianne Hilpipre who chose Everyday in Liquorice Ice as her favorite frames. Brianne, please email me with your mailing address and we'll get your frames out to you. But I have good news for the rest of you who didn't win because the lovely people over at Classique Eyewear are offering you all $25 off the purchase of your choice of frames. Just use coupon code eyewear11 at checkout. But act quickly, I don't know how long the coupon code is going to last. Since you all seem to really like these giveaways I'm going to try to do one every week, at least until I run out of stuff to give away, or people to hit up for stuff to give away. :)

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A few months ago my friend & neighbor Greg Behrendt approached me about doing a photo shoot with his band, The Reigning Monarchs, a super cool (all instrumental) surf-rock band. Well considering that my own brother Michael heads up the band with Greg and I totally love their music, how could I say no? So we scheduled it and then it was off to find the perfect location. Once Greg showed me this amazing vintage sofa he found on the side of the road, that settled it...we just had to shoot at the legendary Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. It just seemed like the perfect combination of tattered dilapidation with a richness of color and lingering air of old hollywood sophistication. And as luck would have it, Gary's good friend Abdi has held the lease on the place for the past couple of years with plans to eventually turn it

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