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I must say that it is particularly special when I am asked by a photographer or anyone who knows a lot about photography to shoot their wedding/ family/ children/ whatever. So I was particularly thrilled when recently my friend & (CEO of my lab, Pictage) Jim Collins asked me to photograph his son for his senior portraits. Especially since I don't really shoot senior portraits. Well this would be my third one ever. But what was really interesting was to work with a young man who is on the brink of adult-hood and try to show him a more grown-up version of himself...while still trying to capture the person he is today. So here are a few faves from my session with Mitch. Thanks again for being such a good sport! :)

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Whenever I mention the term "senior portraits" my husband always gets confused. He wonders why elderly people want so many pictures of themselves. I gently correct him that senior portraits refer to teenagers, specifically high school students in their senior year. When I was in high school, having your own photoshoot was not something people did. I wish it was. My senior pictures were shot by whatever big company was contracted by my school to shoot the yearbook photos. It involved wearing this awful black drape which was actually cropped right out of my yearbook photo so it basically looks like I was naked. The boys got to wear some sort of fake tuxedo getup. It also involved some cap & gown photos where we clutched the cap uncomfortably in one hand while looking off into the distance...perhaps looking into our collective future. Gag. Anyway, I digress. I have shot plenty of

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