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Here it is, a 12"x12" Queensberry matted album. Anna & Todd's beautiful wedding was May 3rd, 2008 at Hotel Monaco in DC. Although flush-mount albums have been very popular over the past several years, I never stopped offering the matted variety. I predict that there will be a surge in the popularity of these great-looking albums in the next couple of years as the pendulum swings back toward a more minimal and classic sensibility. Are you with me? :)

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Happy Holidays to anyone who is still reading! :) I have some exciting news that I've been working with Ellen Petty from Identity Kitchen on overhauling my whole corporate identity and with that is going to come an awesome new blog and hopefully more frequent posting from moi. :) I have been very busy this year shooting weddings in DC, portraits & musicians in LA, and even getting married myself. During the past couple of weeks, I've basically holed myself up to catch up on all of the wedding albums that I owe to clients for 2008 weddings. So today I bring you a sample album that I just finished designing...this one is actually for me but I think it's going to be spectacular! It's a 10"x18" horizontal duo album from Queensberry. For anyone who doesn't know what a duo album is, it's basically a hybrid of the more traditional matted

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Hey everyone, it's just one month and counting down until my own wedding so as you can probably imagine I've been just a little bit busy and haven't had much time to keep up with my blog but I didn't want to lapse too long because I know everyone gets bored reading the same posts over and over again. So here's a new one. Just last night I finished the draft design of Erin & Sean's wedding album. These two had an awesome wedding in Annapolis on May 31st and Erin was a sorority sister of mine in college so it was a particularly fun event for me. Hope you enjoy!

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