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Exciting news everyone! This has all come together over the course of just a few hours really but I was excited and thrilled when Walter Van Dusen, an awesome wedding photographer and the host of the Mystic Seminars asked me to speak at Mystic 6 which is to be held...where else? Mystic, Connecticut on January 6-9, 2011. And what a lineup he has! I'm both flattered and humbled to appear amongst such greats as Cliff Mautner, Michael Greenberg, Yervant, Jesh De Rox, Angela Carlson, John Edgar, Sean & Mel McLellan, Sergio, Richard Esposito, Chuck Arlund, Doug Gordon, David Beckstead, Andrew Funderberg, Matt Mendelsohn, Todd Laffler, Davina & Daniel, Joseph Victor Stefanchik and of course Walter Van Dusen himself. I will be talking about creating a consistent shooting style that is both modern and classic, but inclusive of the traditional aspects of photography that your clients want. How to interact with your

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