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Hey everyone, I know I've been gone from this blog for ages and ages but hopefully you've been following things on my other blog, The Unbride in the meantime. But now it's time to get back to business and sharing all of the images I've shot during the past few busy busy months. On Friday I did a quick session with the band Letters to Cleo who played a reunion show at the Roxy in LA on Saturday night. Those of you who know me know that my brother Michael and his wife (& my sis-in-law) Kay spent many years in this awesome Boston-based band until their move out to LA a few years ago. So it was pretty exciting for family, friends and fans to see them together once again. Check Kay's blog for info on upcoming east coast shows in NYC & Boston...

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I just received an email that one of my pictures of Kay (who has an awesome brand new website by Tea) and Zoe was just used for an article about Kay on an online magazine that strives to tell he truth about parenting. How refreshing, right? Anyway, go take a look and have a read and get to know my awesome sis-in-law a little better.

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Tonight the fam (Michael, Kay, Zoe & Henry) came over to hang out for a bit. Kay & Zoe were all dressed up from Jessie's tea party birthday extravaganza so we decided to do a little mini photo shoot while they were here. Unfortunately, Michael was busy setting up our surround-sound speakers and did not make it into any of the pictures. He also wasn't wearing a cute, foofy dress though.� � Here are a few... This one cracks me up because Zoe is reading Ayn Rand � � That's all for now. I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow for WPPI so if you're there and you see me, please stop and say hello. � � � �

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