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Okay, I'm just going to pretend like I haven't been the world's worst blogger as of late. I swear it's not because I've had nothing to share. :) I've just been super busy flying all over the place and shooting a ton and boy do I have a bajillion images to share with you if I can just get through them all. So I guess one thing at a time. So first I want to bring you some highlights from Amanda & James' gorgeous wedding at National City Christian Church & The Mellon Auditorium in Washington DC. These two had the most incredible tropical decor and even topped it off with tables in the shape of X's and O'x, as in kisses and hugs. Amanda wore two dresses. The whole thing was just fabulous in general. Enjoy! Coordinator: Sara Muchnick, Engaging Affairs Floral Design: Capitol Decor Caterer: Occasions Lighting: Digital Lightning Makeup: Pattie Martin Hair:

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I met Jen & John for the first time just a few weeks before their wedding. But Jen and I had spent the previous 6 months becoming Twitter friends. Funny how many relationships blossom this way these days. So it was no surprise that I kind of felt like I knew her already. And spending time with them on their wedding day kind of felt like hanging with old friends...and I love that. Anyway, these two were so delightful to shoot. And they really and truly complement one another in so many ways. Theirs is obviously an easy love...and so full of mutual respect. I loved photographing this wedding, every single moment. And since I'm feeling the b&w today, that is what I'm going to show. Thank you to Kelly Segre for coming out to shoot with me!

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There is something so lovely about a bohemian, California wedding...and no better venue for this sort of feel than The Mountain Mermaid, a secret gem hidden away in Topanga Canyon. I had photographed here once before a few years back and the place is just as magical as ever. Laura & Andy's wedding here was incredible to photograph, so much emotion flying in every direction and to be honest, that's what makes wedding photography fun for me. Not the flowers, not the table settings, but the real stuff...the people and the relationships between them. The good stuff. Enjoy! Vendor Credits: Coordinator: Ann Cho Lim Gown: Temperley Shoes: Jimmy Choo Groom's Suit: Elevee Custom Clothing Bridesmaid Dresses: Rachel Pally Video: Stereo Waltz Films DJ: Red Shoe Floral: Primary Petals Harpist: Erica Powell Catering: 21 West Hair/ Makeup: Caroline Ramos Desserts: Kelly Grillo Officiant: Keith Macaellis

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One of my absolute favorite things to shoot is a day-after session with a great couple. On the wedding day itself sometimes we are on too much of a time crunch or emotions are running too high to get a really relaxed portrait session with a bride and groom. Then there is also the matter of getting the dress dirty. But one way or another there are some limitations to what we can do on the wedding day itself. After all, the wedding day is about...well, the wedding. As it should be. And on the wedding day I try to make the photography about the wedding. But the day after the wedding day is a great time to be all about the photography and that's when the creative fun really begins. At this point the couple is about as relaxed as they are ever going to be and they are


I've always been one to gather people into my life and hang onto them for a long time. Decades even. I happened to meet Terra during a fashion workshop I took at Calumet about 5 years ago. Terra was living in LA at the time, modeling and hoping to go back to school to get her masters in Medieval Studies. I thought she was the most beautiful nerd I had ever met and I loved photographing her. So we kept in touch over the years even after life took her away from LA and up to Seattle. And as luck would have it, she met the most wonderful guy there, Randall...another beautiful smart person, although perhaps slightly more subdued in personality than my girl Terra. They are a perfect match and I was so thrilled to fly up to Portland to photograph their wedding at The Kennedy School. My husband

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