I have been finalizing a ton of client wedding albums as of late and just wanted to take a minute to share this one that I just wrapped up. Sometimes it takes people a little while to get things finalized but two years after Lisa & Jon's gorgeous eastern shore wedding, I am still in love with these guys and their beautiful wedding. Now I just can't wait to get this baby in my hands in tangible form. Of course then I will have to kiss it goodbye and send it out into the world. But that's just the way it works. Sometimes I get a little attached. Enjoy!

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I made a comment on Twitter the other day about how it saddens me when I receive comments on album designs asking me to fill in all of the white spaces with pictures. Apparently this hit a chord with a bunch of people and my friend & fellow photographer Seshu asked me to guest blog on Tiffinbox about this very subject. So please go over and have a read if this interests you as a photographer or as a buyer of photography. So now I want to talk to you, my clients...past, present and future to address an issue that can tend to arise during the album design process. Here's how it usually goes. You make your image selections that you would like to see go into your wedding album and I put together a proof design for you based on what I feel is the best layout for the images

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My lovely friend Nole over at Oh So Beautiful Paper was kind enough to share my new Musee Album by Queensberry over on her blog today, be sure to go check it out here. Nole and I share a love of delicious tactile experiences and were what I like to call "wedding contemporaries". She is also from my hometown DC and we recently got to share a train ride down from NYC after the Martha Stewart Weddings bloggers' night out party. This week I was also added to The Wedding Chicks' preferred wedding vendors list. I decided to go with a listing in Palm Springs even though I don't actually live there. I have been booking a lot of weddings there lately and I am just obsessed with Palm Springs style and all things mid-century modern. It's like visual candy for me and so inspiring. Plus it's the perfect weekend getaway

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In March of this year I attended the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Convention in Las Vegas for the 8th year in a row. Every year I get to hang with some of the best photographers in the world, take classes, go to lots of parties, get some inspiration and of course attend the trade show to visit all of the companies who help me to produce incredible products for my clients. I discovered Queensberry albums way back in 2003, my first year at WPPI and have been using them ever since. Queensberry is based in New Zealand and their attention to detail and level of craftsmanship of their albums is always notable. However, in 2010 they really managed to outdo themselves when they unveiled a brand new line of albums which they call Musee. I was absolutely blown away by how exquisite these albums are, they are sort of

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I feel like I have been in high wedding season all year, well since February at least. When I lived on the east coast, I worked really, really hard between April and June, got a little time off in the summer and then hussled again from September through November. Well now that I work very regularly on both coasts, wedding season never does seem to end. But hey, it keeps me on my toes. In additional to shooting lots and lots of wedding these days, I'm also designing and producing lots and lots of wedding albums. So why not share them here, right? A little while back I delivered this 10" flush-mount album by Leather Craftsmen to a really lovely couple who were married at one of my all time favorite Los Angeles wedding venues, Marvimon. I suggested the Japanese book cloth cover in taupe because it reminded me of Perry's

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