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My good friend Lisa has just debuted her own line of eyewear which was announced on yesterday. The glasses are available at and are super stylish. They almost make me wish I needed glasses...which I probably do after spending so much time on the computer. Thank goodness for auto-focus lenses, right? :) Lisa modeled one of her new designs for me at her wedding back in January.

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Hello all. I've been very busy of late and you can always see what's taking me away from this blog at my other blog, The Unbride. :) Anyway, during the past week I've spent a lot of time with two wonderful people who are new in my life, Marin Hopper and John Goldstone, the masterminds behind a new line of some of the most gorgeous handbags I've ever seen. Anyway, I've had the pleasure to photograph these beautiful bags for the Hayward look book. These bags aren't even available to the general public just yet but if you fall in love with one, drop an email via the website and perhaps you'll be one of the first to own one...I have 3 already and I'm absolutely in love with them! Check these out: Double Dowell Baby Dowell Clutch Baby Tote Large Tote Base En Ville Plate Clutch Base En Ville & Totes - Summer Colors

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When I'm shooting a portrait session for a family, I try to imagine how I think they will want to display the images I'm creating. Some want large images for their walls. Others don't have the space for something huge but want to display them in a hallway or staircase which can be more challenging. One solution to this is the ever popular "mini-gallery" where a series of images (5x7 or 8x10) are presented together within one frame. I recently did a shoot with the Rodgers family and I think we came out with a few great options for mini-galleries. I threw a couple together so that you can all see what I'm talking about. Here is one of the girls together. Somehow these 3 images together seem so cohesive and stronger as a unit than they would be individually. The big sister/ little sister relationship really just jumps out at