Hey everyone, I know I am WAY behind on my blog and I'm going to make a big effort to catch up on it over the next couple of weeks because I have lots of weddings and portrait sessions to share with you. I figured the easiest way to go about it would be to just try to blog my shoots on the same day and then I'll play catch up with the back log. Sound good? So today I had 2 sessions, here is the 2nd one which was shot at the gorgeous studio of Love Life Images. I bring you the very lovely Molley. Images from her wedding on July 12th will be posted soon. Hope you enjoy!


Yesterday morning I got up early and drove down to Richmond to do a shoot with the fabulous Janie Medley, a really incredible florist. I got two of my gorgeous brides (Maria & Katie) to get all dolled up again. J'De Hobbs was kind enough to do their hair and Erika Nixon did their makeup. Both looked so incredibly stunning and were fabulous models. The images will be appearing in a wedding magazine in the coming months but I don't know the release date so I'll post more on that later. For now, here are a few highlights from the shoot. I forgot to thank Dee for letting us take over her beautiful house ALL DAY on Sunday. Thank you so much Dee!

PATTY'S BRIDAL PORTRAITPatty (one of my darling brides) came to visit me at the D.C. studio for some pre-wedding bridal portraits this afternoon. Her wedding is coming up this weekend at the Willard Hotel in Washington D.C. this Saturday. The Willard is this amazing old hotel just filled with history. I lifted a couple of images off of the Willard website.Building exteriorThe bathroom of the Jenny Lind Suite, I have photographed bridesmaids eating lunch in this bathtub...yes this is the actual view from the tubHere are a few factoids about the place...Nathaniel Hawthorne described the hotel with the following passage."This hotel, in fact, may be much more justly called the center of Washington and the Union than either the Capitol, the White House, or the State Department... You exchange nods with governors of sovereign states; you elbow illustrious men, and tread on the toes of generals; you hear statesmen and