This morning I woke up to see that PhaseOne (my beloved camera company) had posted a video and an accompanying image from my first day playing with the brand new IQ250 digital back. Of course I was super excited to be selected as one of the first photographers to get to use this exciting new piece of technology. As I scrolled down into the comments I noticed that the image was receiving some criticism. To be honest it was really me who was receiving the criticism and one person suggested that perhaps they should have given this back to "a more talented photographer". Whatever. A little part of me wanted to go on Facebook to defend myself or to reply with something mildly snarky, because that's what I do. But instead it just got me thinking...thinking about why I selected this image and why I sent it to PhaseOne. In

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I have been practically jumping out of my skin with excitement for 2 months over this announcement. I've always been a pretty decent secret-keeper but when it's good news you want to shout it from the rooftops. But today is finally the day that I get to help announce the launch of PhaseOne's brand new ground-breaking IQ250 digital medium format back. I was so pleased to be one of the first photographers worldwide to shoot with with the new back and wow is it INCREDIBLE! Standout features for me are the amazingly clean high ISO capabilities and the wireless iPad connectivity for instant image viewing. Check out this video to see a bit of my first date with the IQ250 here. A big thank you to my gorgeous model Jessie Malakouti (Ryan to make his appearance in a later video), RMine Bespoke for the incredible gown, to David Marvel for the

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This morning I was texting with a photographer friend who mentioned something about "talk about what you mentioned in your Rangefinder article." In typical me fashion, my response was "huh?" And then "oh yeah I did an interview with them" but I had yet to actually see an article nor could I remember when it would be published. But apparently it is in print in the current issue and so I immediately had to go find the article so that I could read about myself...mostly to make sure that I didn't say anything stupid or otherwise publicly humiliate myself. And I was very glad that there seem to be no immediate or obvious reasons for embarrassment. And therefore I am happy to share it here. Click here to go to the article if you want to actually read the words. :) RANDOM STORY ALERT: Just in case anyone questions why my


Every year (for the past 11 years in a row), I have sparkled myself up to attend WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), my industry's biggest convention of the year in fabulous Las Vegas. Aside from getting to learn a few new things, catching up with friends from around the world and taking advantage of all of the fun that Vegas has to offer, a highlight of the convention is always the international print competition. I've entered images for the past few years but only in the past couple of years have I had the opportunity to sit in on the judging process and have found that I have learned more from that experience about the subtle nuances of image creation itself, than I have in any seminar...ever. This year I entered a few images into the print competition. I must admit that I was slightly cranky that I did not

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Wow. So yesterday morning when I woke up and felt compelled to write a blog post from the comfort of my bed, I had no idea that it might turn into the social media shit storm that it did. Usually I am one of those people who grabs the popcorn and reads the Twitter battles like it's the greatest form of entertainment since, well ever. I watch, I make a few snarky comments to friends, I quietly pick a side but I don't really get involved. But apparently yesterday I struck a chord with some of you...enough of you to go and crash my website and have me spend the majority of my day responding to PIX related comments/ questions etc. So perhaps I can't afford to have so many opinions in the future. I do have a business to run. But, since this is obviously an extremely polarizing issue