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I know, I know, I have been totally MIA lately but really I do have some excuses. Instead of boring you with those though, I figured I'd just catch everyone up on the recent, current & future schedule. Here I go: December 24th - flew from LA to DC December 25th - celebrated Xmas with Gary, my dad, Lauren & Jimmy December 26th - drove from DC to NJ to visit Gary's parents December 27th - I bought myself a new loaded MacBook Pro laptop for Xmas & because my accountant says I have to spend money before the end of the year. It is also my brother Michael's 40th birthday. I freak out since I am a decade younger. Gary starts singing "30 turtle doves" to me in honor of the looming 3-0 in 2008. December 28th (today) - Gary & I drove from NJ to NYC, check into the Maritime Hotel & then

Now that I'm back in town (Fairfax that is, not LA) from Puerto Rico, I'm finally able to catch up on my blogging. The first thing I should share are a few images I shot as a guest at Jenny & Rob's wedding. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have the day off and to just grab my camera whenever I felt like it. I have lots of stories from the weekend, like the 5 hours I spent playing black-jack one night, and then there was that roller coaster thingy that we had to ride to get to our room but I'll talk about those tomorrow. For now, here are some images from Jenny & Rob's beautiful wedding... Gorgeous, right? Hillary asked me "am I going to make the blog?" I told her yes so here you are Hills! :) Mom & daughter The handsome groom Kelly, the maid of honor &

Well I landed safe and sound in San Juan this morning at 9:30am after an almost 7 hour overnight flight. I tried desperately to sleep on the plane but just found that I couldn't get comfortable. Every time I thought I was in a comfy position, I would realize that one of my arms or legs had gone completely numb. I also realized how much I really do love flying Jetblue everywhere, more legroom in coach is right. I had also practically forgotten that first class seating even existed, until I saw Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo take their seats about 8 rows ahead of me. Heather, when you read this, you'll know why I think that's so funny. Anyway, once I got off the plane I had to go over and say hello since Nick and I met about 6 months ago when I photographed him and Kara during