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Our dog is an almost 4 year old maltese named Oliver Pocket...yes he has a middle name thanks to John Mulligan. When I first brought Oliver home from the puppy patch at 7 weeks old he was a teeny tiny little guy weighing in at just 2 pounds. I used to stuff him in my coat and he would poke his little head out and that's how we would travel since it was a really cold January in D.C. that year. Well when I brought him over to meet my friends Jenn & John, John commented on how he could fit in my pocket and the name stuck. This has prompted some truly brilliant song lyrics from Gary... "Oliver Pocket, that fuzzy little pocket. Any old pocket won't do..." Anyway, I just picked the fuzzy little pocket up from his groomer,Tailwashers and the boy looks very clean and handsome after a

Oliver is my dog a.k.a. "my baby boy", he is also our only child and we treat him as such. It's almost pathetic so I'm glad that most of the gushing over him is done in private. Anyway, I just wanted to share with everyone the fact that Oliver's lovability seems to be quite contagious since he has inspired a line of custom cupcakes at Whole Foods. (I should note that he has also inspired many many songs that are sung in the privacy of our home for fear of complete public humiliation) Check out these delectables that Gary's sister who now refers to herself as "Jamie-in-law" made for her bakery at Whole Foods. They look remarkably similar to the boy.


My baby boy

I got the cutest, saddest picture on my phone from Gary last night. It was almost enough to make me cry...

OLIVER'S FIRST TRIP TO THE BEACHSince I've been a little under the weather this week I thought it might be a good time to catch up on some old images I have yet to edit. About a month ago, Gary and I took Oliver to Malibu to this wonderful dog beach. He had soooo much fun, I mean I knew he would like it but he didn't know what to do with himself. He met some nice boys along the way who took pictures of him and gave him kisses. He was NOT as big a fan of the seagulls as he took every opportunity to chase them around. So much fun! Here are a few images.Gary and Oliver take a strollWonder what they're looking at?Ollie makes some new friendsAnd has a run in with a seagullThe view on the drive home.