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Check this out...we bought this little dog puppet and it drives Oliver absolutely crazy. Of course we were sort of messing with him as we kissed it and rubbed it and talked to it like a little baby. It drove him nuts and here is a picture of him barking at it on the coffee table. Also notice the awesome grocery bag we got from Tea as a Xmas gift. Thank you Tea, we love it and the Warhol book! Just packing tonight for a very early flight to DC in the morning. Merry Christmas everyone!

Today is Oliver's 4th birthday and in honor of the big day, Gary came home with some goodies so that we could celebrate properly. Oliver really loves his Daddy, look at the love in those eyes! He even endured this torture for the photo op... And finally the reward is this beaver puppet which Oliver loves but is also just a way for us to torture him some more.

Well yesterday afternoon, Gary and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to the San Diego area so that he could shoot Ike Turner talking on the phone with Howard Stern at 4am. Sounds like fun, right? So anyway, we finally got to drop Oliver off at K9 loft and it looks like he is having a great time. I know because I have been spying on him via webcam. You can look too, if you like. webcam. The funny thing is that when I first logged on this morning, there were a bunch of dogs running around sniffing each other and then I see Oliver...sitting on the lap of the one and only human in the room. I couldn't help but think, "yep, that's my boy". :) So anyway, apparently we are staying in an area that is really more of a retirement community than anything else. We checked in

I'm a little bit nervous because tomorrow is Oliver's first day of doggy daycare or "pre-school" as Gary and I are calling it. This afternoon we had a lovely tour of K9 Loft, a really cool place in Silverlake where Oliver is going to be spending some time when Gary and I can't be around to give him the attention that he needs and deserves. Tomorrow is a trip to first ever and we didn't want to have to worry about the boy so we've decided to send him to daycare. This place is amazing, besides being a kick-ass retail boutique, there is also a cage-free big dog room and a small dog room where the dogs get to hang out and play all day. There are even little cots in the corners for the sleepy pups who get tired. Apparently they all nap around mid-day because they're so

So I know this is probably starting to seem like Oliver's blog instead of my blog but I just had to share this with everyone. Gary and I are just laying around on the couch on our laptops with VH1 Classic providing some background entertainment. Well a few minutes ago, the video for Mariah Carey's "Emotion" came on and Oliver actually started watching the tv during all of the really high notes. It was so funny that we even had to rewind it (thank you Tivo) to watch those parts again. And sure enough, Oliver perked right up every time and watched intently. So now we know, Oliver's favorite singer is Mariah Carey, especially early 90's Mariah.