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Usually when I travel not for work (which is almost never), I like to leave the work cameras at home (or in my hotel room) and just drag my old Rollei film camera around with me. It's bigger than an iPhone but still fits in my purse so that makes it a winner in my book. And as much as I love my digital cameras for the amazing things that they allow me to do, every now and then I love the magic of waiting around for film sans. Just wanted to share one from a trip I took with 5 of my childhood girlfriends to Puerto Rico last month. What a blast that was.

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A few days after Amanda & James' wedding in DC, I got the chance to skip town for a much needed vacation and after 3 (yes, 3) flights in one day, I managed to make it to Tangier, Morocco in one piece. My mother & my aunt were already there waiting and we got to spend 2 precious weeks together. It was awesome. Now I'm sure that many people out there think that the life of a photographer is nothing but a vacation. I mean, how much fun to travel and frolic around taking pictures all day, right? Well before you jump to any conclusions about that, here is what I look like (more or less) about 20% of the year....or I am on a trip that is bookended on both sides with me looking like this. Okay, now you may offer your pity. ;) Contrary to popular belief I

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Every single day I receive a handful of promotional emails from various photography publications. Most of the time I hardly even glance at them. But this week one in particular caught my eye. It arrived in my inbox and those of thousands of other female photographers around the world. This email came from PDN (Photo District News) announcing the launch of a brand new lifestyle magazine for women photographers. It only took a glance at the cover to send me into a feminist rage. There are so many things wrong with this publication that I'm not even sure where to begin. Let's start with the cover which features a faceless (thank you CB for pointing that out) girl wearing flowery attire and friendship bracelets holding a consumer grade SLR with a kit lens. For you non photographers out there, by kit lens I mean the cheap (read "piece of shit")

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61 Years

(photo by David Wittig & Nancy Beale) Today would have been my father's 61st birthday...and the first June 12th of my lifetime that I can't call him on the phone to wish him a happy birthday, that I can't drive over to give him a hug, take him out to lunch or celebrate with him like we always did. My own birthdays have not been particularly important once I passed the 21 year mark but each of my Daddy's birthdays was an opportunity to celebrate. Last year we threw a party to celebrate 60...which was already a decade of what felt like borrowed time. After 10 years of living with and being successfully treated for Multiple Myeloma (a rare blood cancer), last October my father was also diagnosed with AML leukemia and just 3 months later died with my sister and I at his side. Just the three of us, quietly,

I've been pretty busy lately and I have tons of new work and experiences to blog about in the coming weeks. But I had to take just a minute to share my glee over my brand new white iPhone which I purchased this morning. For months there have been rumors that the white version of the iPhone4 would be released and today was the day. Considering that my branding is all white, my dogs are white, most of my furniture is white, I have a white car (well, pepper white, close enough), I may as well wait for the white iPhone as well. And today, I got it...and it's a beauty. A few people on Twitter asked me what's so great and new about is it different from the original iPhone 4 etc.? Well, nothing. It's just white. But that's enough for me. My husband has a thing for