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I was just thinking today about how I get to shoot an awful lot of cool things. And sometimes I get swag from the people whom I've photographed. So I figured that it was time to start sharing some of the goods here on the blog so I'm going to start doing a weekly giveaway. Sometimes it will make sense to you, sometimes it won't...but who doesn't love free stuff? So this week I'm going to be giving away a free CD from an incredible recording artist named Laura Mann. Laura lives and plays in Philly most of the time but I got to shoot with her when she was out in LA early this year recording her latest album "Bowtie & Rose Tattoo". We had a blast together so I was so excited to finally get the finished CD in the mail last week. And I'm going to give away

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Well not me exactly because let's be honest, aside from my family, a few close friends and my dog Oliver, very few people really care enough what I'm doing on a daily basis to actually gossip about me. But I was sort of tickled to receive an email from my friend Jen Stiebel in DC who told me that one of my pictures of Palmdale is posted on today. So go check it out when you get a chance, and while you're at it, be sure to go download some awesome songs at! By the way, I'm blogging right now during my jury selection break. Gotta send out a big shout out to my good pal Jay Goldman who has been my partner in crime all day.

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Sometimes I like to blog about things other than photography just because living in LA, some experiences are just too ridiculous not to write about. So the other night Gary and I met our friends Lisa & Roey at the Nokia Theater downtown to see our good friend Juan Patino who was on tour with the legendary Hall & Oates. We had great seats right smack in the middle amongst lots of "super fans". But none of the crazy dancing ladies could even hold a candle to the guys sitting across the aisle from us in full head-to-toe 80's style Hall & Oates garb. And they seemed so serious too. People came from all over the theater to take pictures with them. Of course we had to as well. Leave it to a pro photographer to have only iPhone & Blackberry pictures of her own life but maybe one of these

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A few months ago my friend & neighbor Greg Behrendt approached me about doing a photo shoot with his band, The Reigning Monarchs, a super cool (all instrumental) surf-rock band. Well considering that my own brother Michael heads up the band with Greg and I totally love their music, how could I say no? So we scheduled it and then it was off to find the perfect location. Once Greg showed me this amazing vintage sofa he found on the side of the road, that settled it...we just had to shoot at the legendary Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. It just seemed like the perfect combination of tattered dilapidation with a richness of color and lingering air of old hollywood sophistication. And as luck would have it, Gary's good friend Abdi has held the lease on the place for the past couple of years with plans to eventually turn it

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Hey everyone, I know I've been gone from this blog for ages and ages but hopefully you've been following things on my other blog, The Unbride in the meantime. But now it's time to get back to business and sharing all of the images I've shot during the past few busy busy months. On Friday I did a quick session with the band Letters to Cleo who played a reunion show at the Roxy in LA on Saturday night. Those of you who know me know that my brother Michael and his wife (& my sis-in-law) Kay spent many years in this awesome Boston-based band until their move out to LA a few years ago. So it was pretty exciting for family, friends and fans to see them together once again. Check Kay's blog for info on upcoming east coast shows in NYC & Boston...

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