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Well something that has been in the works for a few days is now official, I am going to Haiti in about 3 weeks. I've been experiencing such a wide range of emotions from excited to scared sh*tless but mostly I am thrilled to have the opportunity to go and do whatever I can to help the people of Haiti recover from the devastation all around them. So here's the deal. I was invited to go with a group of doctors sponsored by New Reality International, an organization that helps provide free medical treatment to the most poverty stricken nations in the world. My job will be to photographically document the work they are doing in order to help raise money to make further trips to Haiti possible. I also plan to work in the makeshift clinic in whatever non-medical capacities that I can. I'll be flying to Miami on February 26th

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Like the rest of you, my eyes are glued to the TV today watching for more news and updates about the devastation in Haiti right now. It's so sad that I just want to sit at home and cry. During my 3 years in Los Angeles, I've become accustomed to the fact that we could have an earthquake at any point and I've been lucky enough to only experience one so far that even registered on my own "scary scale"...meaning that my house was rocking but without any damage. It's hard for me to even imagine what it might be like if my own house had collapsed, along with all of the other homes and buildings in my neighborhood. I know that I would hope that someone was sending help my way. So I encourage everyone who is reading this right now to make a donation to help Haiti. Even if