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So I need to do some major catching up on this blog! I'll start out with the lovely and talented Ngoc Nguyen of Skybox Event Productions who I had the pleasure of seeing on Saturday. Ngoc and I met at an ISES event a couple of months ago and I was thrilled when she asked me to shoot a headshot for her new website that is launching in a couple of weeks. Yay! Stay tuned...I will be launching a new wedding blog in a few weeks as well as a new website for Studio Diana Weddings!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a headshot for one of D.C.'s up and coming stage actresses. Christina is a lovely 14 year-old girl who is currently playing Cosette (the older version) in Les Miserables. This girl has some really incredible hair and a big future ahead of her, she's also (so I'm told) a fabulous ballet dancer. It was so much fun to work with your Christina, someday I will see your name in lights! :) Here are a few of her headshots... Stay tuned for images from Nikki & Peter's wedding coming soon!

RETOUCHING FOR BEAUTYI checked with my friend Jackie to make sure she was okay with me using her as an example for a little lesson I've been wanting to do about how to retouch faces for beauty-type images. Obviously she said yes and since she's a beautiful girl anyway, it was very easy just to do a few things to make her headshots "pop" even more.The first thing I did for this image (which I shot in raw on a Canon 5D with a 70-200 f2.8 lens) was to take a look to see what I could do to enhance it. The first thing I usually do with women (and we all have some issues) is to see what the skin needs in order to improve the overall image. That usual entails a little bit of work under the eyes and maybe cleaning up a few minor blemishes and softening

JACKIE'S HEADSHOTSYesterday I had the pleasure of doing some headshots for my friend, Jackie Brubaker. She is an incredible makeup artist with her own agency called Dollface. She is also a singer and dabbles in acting a bit. I met her through ISES a few months ago and we have been friends ever since. Here are a few images from our shoot which we did in or around my yard and neighborhood.