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Usually when I travel not for work (which is almost never), I like to leave the work cameras at home (or in my hotel room) and just drag my old Rollei film camera around with me. It's bigger than an iPhone but still fits in my purse so that makes it a winner in my book. And as much as I love my digital cameras for the amazing things that they allow me to do, every now and then I love the magic of waiting around for film sans. Just wanted to share one from a trip I took with 5 of my childhood girlfriends to Puerto Rico last month. What a blast that was.

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Gary & I have really taken to going to Palm Springs on little mini road trips. The most recent one a couple of weeks ago took us to The Ace Hotel, one of our favorite Palm Springs places. I'm also kind of dying to shoot a wedding there. But in the meantime I did bring a vintage Rollei with me on this trip and did a little bit of shooting just for fun. For some reason I have to shoot medium format film for travel photos. It slows me down, makes me work a little harder for the images, makes me shoot slower...which I think is a good thing. Here are a couple of images from the most recent trip.

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If you've ever been to our house, you know that Gary and I have a pretty large collection of vintage film cameras which merged a la The Brady Bunch when we moved in together. They stare at me every day as I walk by, begging to be picked up, loved, used. So last month I finally gave in and shot a couple of rolls of film with an old Rollei. It was just too much fun. All of you Hassi and ex-Hassi users understand and probably long for the square format and I must say that shooting at waist(ish) height just makes the world look new again. I plan to start shooting with it more often. I didn't use a light meter, just eyeballed the exposure and gave my best guess and was pretty close most of the time. A good photographer exercise I think. Anyway, here is an image