I have been practically jumping out of my skin with excitement for 2 months over this announcement. I’ve always been a pretty decent secret-keeper but when it’s good news you want to shout it from the rooftops. But today is finally the day that I get to help announce the launch of PhaseOne’s brand new ground-breaking IQ250 digital medium format back. I was so pleased to be one of the first photographers worldwide to shoot with with the new back and wow is it INCREDIBLE! Standout features for me are the amazingly clean high ISO capabilities and the wireless iPad connectivity for instant image viewing. Check out this video to see a bit of my first date with the IQ250 here.

A big thank you to my gorgeous model Jessie Malakouti (Ryan to make his appearance in a later video), RMine Bespoke for the incredible gown, to David Marvel for the flawless hair & makeup and to Colette Kulig & Ken Scott for assisting and keeping me sane.

PhaseOne was also there to shoot video of a portrait session I had with the wonderful Behrendt Family using the IQ250.

Greg & Amiira are the best-selling authors of such dating advice books as He’s Just Not That Into You, It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken and the most recent It’s Just a F***ing Date. You can see them on Oprah’s Life Class. How cool is that?

They are hilarious and clever and cute and well-dressed and their darling girls were too sweet to want to tie their parents up in lights so I had to do it. Now that is love. :)

Since the acquisition of my first PhaseOne 645+ camera body, IQ160 back & 3 lenses last year, I have become a devoted fan of the whole line as well as Digital Transitions, the PhaseOne dealer (based in NYC) who held my hand through the whole purchase. And if image quality itself wasn’t enough (although it is), a small added bonus is that I have yet to have an Uncle Bob approach me at a wedding to tell me that they have the same camera at home. If they do, I will certainly be intrigued.

I’ll be posting some follow-up blog posts to tell you all about my adventure so far as a “PhaseOnesie”. But in the meantime, check it out for yourself. If you want to touch one in person, you should plan to attend the WPPI convention coming up in early March. Visit the Digital Transitions booth at the trade show and arrange for a demo. If you’re not yet signed up for WPPI, leave a comment below and I will give some lucky person a free pass to convention & trade show aka “the best week of your life.” It truly is.

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  1. Cindy Stafford says:

    What a hard secret to keep! Looks like a great camera! Love Greg and Amiira’s portrait!

  2. That digital back looks amazing!! I used to shoot catalogs with a leaf valeo on a Hasselblad back when I was still in the commercial world… I bet that is 100x better which is saying quite a lot!! I have been out of the scene having babies and doing the family thing for a few years and have very regretfully missed WPPI. This year I really want to go and get into your class too! I would love the pass…that would help a lot!! Pick me! :)

  3. Melissa Hopkins says:

    I can’t believe you were about to keep that a secret for two months! Your work is incredible!

  4. Joyce says:

    Awesome work as always! I’m excited to see more where IQ250 will take you.

  5. What a great opportunity! After a whirlwind of a wedding season and before the next one kicks off, I would LOVE to have the “the best week of our life.” Two weeks ago on a whim decided to finally enter the print competition for the first time! Would love nothing more but to see some friends of the industry from all over, to see cool products and to sit in on the competition judging. Hoping that maybe hubby would be able to join me. Fingers crossed! Thanks! ;)

  6. <3 Oh to have a Phase One!! :) Love that video and such a fun family photo session!! Also…Pick me for the WPPI giveaway!! I've never been and have ALWAYS wanted to experience it!

  7. Those pictures are amazing! I love the family shot with the Christmas lights! I’m sure my boys would be too happy to tie us up ;) beautiful images!

  8. Molly Hawkey says:

    Justine! 1) Great seeing you in front of the camera. 2) Great shots. 3) I wish I knew what a Phase One was. 4) Maybe if I get a free pass to WPPI I can become more geeky and hold an intelligent photography conversation. I’ll be so much more interesting to talk to! XOXO

  9. Justine! You crack me up. The uncle bob thing is spot on. The images are stunning, as usual. It’s a pleasure watching your work grow and change, becoming closer to you, I think. Beautiful and humorous.

  10. Simo Ahmadi says:

    Would love to have one :) One day I guess :(

  11. Oh! I want to try one of these!!

  12. Gina says:

    Very cool! Looks like you had a wonderful time with the PhaseOne, in the video, even the shutter clicks of the IQ250 sound Love both of the sessions above but especially the model session and how you used her silhouette and the wall graphic to create an image within an image. Look forward to seeing more of your images with this camera!

  13. Emma says:

    Always been a fan of your work. Very cool video!!!!
    Wppi is an amazing experience haven’t gotten passes but would LOVE them


  14. Gino says:

    Great work, great camera. Look forward to seeing it WPPI, will be heading to Vegas all the way from NZ

  15. Inbal says:

    Beautiful work and great camera. Seemed like the girls had a fun time tying their parents:)

  16. Jen says:

    This is awesome Justine!! See you in Vegas I hope – I’d love a pass!!

  17. Mackenzie says:

    You are seriously so inspiring.

  18. Gabriel Mora says:

    I am an avid admirer of your work…Phase One it’s like the Lamborginni of cameras! (That’s an item of my bucket list)…great images, terrific work irs your trademark.
    Hopefully I’ll meet you in WPPI :)

  19. Melanie says:

    Hi Justine!
    My name is Melanie. I met you during one of your engagement shoots on Olveira St. As I was just getting started. I am now 3 months into my business, after 15 years of loving photography. Why did I wait so long??
    Anyway, I would LOVE to have the opportunity to go to WPPI!
    Thanks for your inspiration! I’ll always be a fan. ;)

  20. Love the video of the actual shooting! You looks very happy & fashionable with the PhaseOne camera! I will love to test that camera. Hope to see you in Vegas!!!

  21. Gorgeous images! Can’t wait to check it out at WPPI! Thank you for the info!

  22. Justine,
    I have been following you and your work since the first time I saw you post on a Pictage forum, many years later I’m still a fan. I love your approach to creating imagery and would love to learn more from you at WPPi! Thanks for the chance to win a pass;)

  23. Kathy says:

    Me me me me me…moo.

  24. Judy Goldman says:

    That is really amazing. What a great new tool!

  25. Alecia Hoyt says:

    Fabulous new tool, I can’t wait to see one in person!

  26. Tara Welch says:

    Ugh! Why do you get to be so pretty and talented! Totes jel! xo

  27. You look fabulous! I’d love to go to WPPI and drop by their booth.

  28. justine says:

    Congratulations to Kathy Rappaport of Flash Frozen Photography. You are the winner my dear! To everyone else, I truly hope to see you there anyway & I hope you’ll find me and introduce yourselves. WPPI is one of the best investments you can make in your business. xoxo

  29. Kathy says:

    Thank you Justine! I am so excited to have won! Really excited to see the Print Competition this year and your Master Class will be fabulous. xoxo

  30. Justine says:

    FYI people, just got word that I get to give away two more passes to WPPI. Will post the details tomorrow. Yay, I’ll be arriving in Vegas in 17 days!!

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