A few days after Amanda & James’ wedding in DC, I got the chance to skip town for a much needed vacation and after 3 (yes, 3) flights in one day, I managed to make it to Tangier, Morocco in one piece. My mother & my aunt were already there waiting and we got to spend 2 precious weeks together. It was awesome. Now I’m sure that many people out there think that the life of a photographer is nothing but a vacation. I mean, how much fun to travel and frolic around taking pictures all day, right? Well before you jump to any conclusions about that, here is what I look like (more or less) about 20% of the year….or I am on a trip that is bookended on both sides with me looking like this. Okay, now you may offer your pity. icon wink Morocco Vacation
airportnap Morocco Vacation
Contrary to popular belief I did not spend my 2 weeks vacation running around taking pictures. It actually takes a lot out of me physically, mentally & emotionally to shoot for clients so I focused my vacation on getting recharged, eating, hanging, slothing around, walking…drinking wine. I decided that if I were to document any part of my vacation that it would not be with one of my “work cameras”. So, I used my iphone for the regular old memory type stuff and then shot film with my old vintage Rollei for 2 days. I shot 43 images total. Yes, total. There is something so lovely about shooting film. You don’t waste it, you are forced to slow down and think. It’s a great exercise and reminds me of the days when I first started shooting. The color is also so soft and beautiful that looking at film images makes me feel all nostalgic and dreamy. So I thought I might share a few of the images I shot in Morocco…these were shot in Tangier & in Asilah.
2012 11 02 002 Morocco Vacation
2012 11 02 003 Morocco Vacation
2012 11 02 004 Morocco Vacation
2012 11 02 005 Morocco Vacation
2012 11 02 006 Morocco Vacation2012 11 02 007 Morocco Vacation
2012 11 02 008 Morocco Vacation2012 11 02 009 Morocco Vacation
I 0095lr Morocco VacationI 0096lr Morocco Vacation

Maybe if I can get my act together I’ll post some of my Instagrams as well. Stay tuned!

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  1. Tara Welch says:

    I love these and I love you!!!!

  2. Saïd says:

    Really beautiful! I’m sharing your blog with my friends.

  3. Stephen says:

    I might need one of these printed very large as a house warming gift from you!!!

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