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Yes, I know you've barely gotten past Halloween and you're not even really thinking about Thanksgiving just yet but the time of year is upon is holiday card time! Every year I think that I'm going to send out something brilliant and amazing and just knock the socks off of everyone I know. And every year I realize that I don't even have a freaking picture to send. How sad is that? The cobblers kids have no shoes, and I have no pictures. But that's how it goes. But, to all of my lovely clients whom I photographed this year, you DO have pictures. Lucky you. ;) And if you would like some help putting together an awesome holiday card to wow all of your friends and family then I am here to help. And this year I am particularly jealous because I am offering a line of gorgeous


A few days after Amanda & James' wedding in DC, I got the chance to skip town for a much needed vacation and after 3 (yes, 3) flights in one day, I managed to make it to Tangier, Morocco in one piece. My mother & my aunt were already there waiting and we got to spend 2 precious weeks together. It was awesome. Now I'm sure that many people out there think that the life of a photographer is nothing but a vacation. I mean, how much fun to travel and frolic around taking pictures all day, right? Well before you jump to any conclusions about that, here is what I look like (more or less) about 20% of the year....or I am on a trip that is bookended on both sides with me looking like this. Okay, now you may offer your pity. ;) Contrary to popular belief I

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Okay, I'm just going to pretend like I haven't been the world's worst blogger as of late. I swear it's not because I've had nothing to share. :) I've just been super busy flying all over the place and shooting a ton and boy do I have a bajillion images to share with you if I can just get through them all. So I guess one thing at a time. So first I want to bring you some highlights from Amanda & James' gorgeous wedding at National City Christian Church & The Mellon Auditorium in Washington DC. These two had the most incredible tropical decor and even topped it off with tables in the shape of X's and O'x, as in kisses and hugs. Amanda wore two dresses. The whole thing was just fabulous in general. Enjoy! Coordinator: Sara Muchnick, Engaging Affairs Floral Design: Capitol Decor Caterer: Occasions Lighting: Digital Lightning Makeup: Pattie Martin Hair:

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