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Wow. So yesterday morning when I woke up and felt compelled to write a blog post from the comfort of my bed, I had no idea that it might turn into the social media shit storm that it did. Usually I am one of those people who grabs the popcorn and reads the Twitter battles like it's the greatest form of entertainment since, well ever. I watch, I make a few snarky comments to friends, I quietly pick a side but I don't really get involved. But apparently yesterday I struck a chord with some of you...enough of you to go and crash my website and have me spend the majority of my day responding to PIX related comments/ questions etc. So perhaps I can't afford to have so many opinions in the future. I do have a business to run. But, since this is obviously an extremely polarizing issue


Every single day I receive a handful of promotional emails from various photography publications. Most of the time I hardly even glance at them. But this week one in particular caught my eye. It arrived in my inbox and those of thousands of other female photographers around the world. This email came from PDN (Photo District News) announcing the launch of a brand new lifestyle magazine for women photographers. It only took a glance at the cover to send me into a feminist rage. There are so many things wrong with this publication that I'm not even sure where to begin. Let's start with the cover which features a faceless (thank you CB for pointing that out) girl wearing flowery attire and friendship bracelets holding a consumer grade SLR with a kit lens. For you non photographers out there, by kit lens I mean the cheap (read "piece of shit")

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I met Jen & John for the first time just a few weeks before their wedding. But Jen and I had spent the previous 6 months becoming Twitter friends. Funny how many relationships blossom this way these days. So it was no surprise that I kind of felt like I knew her already. And spending time with them on their wedding day kind of felt like hanging with old friends...and I love that. Anyway, these two were so delightful to shoot. And they really and truly complement one another in so many ways. Theirs is obviously an easy love...and so full of mutual respect. I loved photographing this wedding, every single moment. And since I'm feeling the b&w today, that is what I'm going to show. Thank you to Kelly Segre for coming out to shoot with me!

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Recently I was approached by the incredibly lovely and incredibly hilarious head writer for The Soup about shooting a cover for her new book, Recipes For Disaster, a memoir chronicling some rather disastrous dinner parties Tess has thrown over the years. One of the things that was remarkably fun about this project was that Tess & I, with the help of our husbands go to completely conceptualize and style the shoot ourselves. No direction from the publisher really...just that it need to be "clean". We didn't entirely know what we were going to do, but with the help of makeup artist David Marvel, a rack of clothing and a few random props, we pulled off some really fun images which captured the spirit and attitude of the book. And just today, the book (due out in October) was posted on Amazon for pre-order. Enjoy!

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There is something so lovely about a bohemian, California wedding...and no better venue for this sort of feel than The Mountain Mermaid, a secret gem hidden away in Topanga Canyon. I had photographed here once before a few years back and the place is just as magical as ever. Laura & Andy's wedding here was incredible to photograph, so much emotion flying in every direction and to be honest, that's what makes wedding photography fun for me. Not the flowers, not the table settings, but the real stuff...the people and the relationships between them. The good stuff. Enjoy! Vendor Credits: Coordinator: Ann Cho Lim Gown: Temperley Shoes: Jimmy Choo Groom's Suit: Elevee Custom Clothing Bridesmaid Dresses: Rachel Pally Video: Stereo Waltz Films DJ: Red Shoe Floral: Primary Petals Harpist: Erica Powell Catering: 21 West Hair/ Makeup: Caroline Ramos Desserts: Kelly Grillo Officiant: Keith Macaellis

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