I have known the super gorgeous Jessie Malakouti since she was 17, just a babe in the world with her music career just barely sprouting. Now, a whole bunch of years later (I’ve lost count), she is wildly successful with her own band, Jessie & The Toy Boys and has been on tour opening for Britney Spears and wowing huge audiences with her talent.

A couple of months ago Jessie came to the new studio to do a shoot for her new single, Perfect Shade of Red which should be available soon via iTunes. I wasn’t sure which image had been selected but I was thrilled to see that the cover art is now finished and looks fantastic.

Awesome makeup by the adorable Colby Makeup.

2 Responses to “Perfect Shade of Red”

  1. fannequins says:

    And I wish we could see the whole photoshoot <3

  2. ColbyMakeup says:

    It LOOOOOOKS so great! You are so talented! So glad I got to work with you on this fun shoot!

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