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61 Years

(photo by David Wittig & Nancy Beale) Today would have been my father's 61st birthday...and the first June 12th of my lifetime that I can't call him on the phone to wish him a happy birthday, that I can't drive over to give him a hug, take him out to lunch or celebrate with him like we always did. My own birthdays have not been particularly important once I passed the 21 year mark but each of my Daddy's birthdays was an opportunity to celebrate. Last year we threw a party to celebrate 60...which was already a decade of what felt like borrowed time. After 10 years of living with and being successfully treated for Multiple Myeloma (a rare blood cancer), last October my father was also diagnosed with AML leukemia and just 3 months later died with my sister and I at his side. Just the three of us, quietly,

A couple of weeks ago I packed up my gear and headed over to the west side to meet up with Jonathan & Lacey LaCour and their darling daughter Colette. Having known Jonathan for years through the photography industry, meeting their daughter was like staring at a tiny blonde version of Jonathan. It actually took me by surprise just a little bit. But what an old soul this child is. Even at 16 months she seemed entirely her own person and not really much of a baby at all anymore. After a few pictures around their place, Lacey, Colette and I decided to go and visit nearby Venice Beach. And boy did Colette have a great time, frolicking in the waves, the sand, chasing birds, chasing tourists, you name it. She was entirely fearless and it was fun to watch.

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