I’ve always been one to gather people into my life and hang onto them for a long time. Decades even. I happened to meet Terra during a fashion workshop I took at Calumet about 5 years ago. Terra was living in LA at the time, modeling and hoping to go back to school to get her masters in Medieval Studies. I thought she was the most beautiful nerd I had ever met and I loved photographing her. So we kept in touch over the years even after life took her away from LA and up to Seattle. And as luck would have it, she met the most wonderful guy there, Randall…another beautiful smart person, although perhaps slightly more subdued in personality than my girl Terra. They are a perfect match and I was so thrilled to fly up to Portland to photograph their wedding at The Kennedy School. My husband Gary went with me as we were flying on my birthday and Terra & Randall surprised me by sending us to their favorite local restaurant for dinner. So sweet and such a great way to spend my 34th. So how about some pictures?!!

While I was photographing the wedding party, we saw a front porch full of people having their own party across the street so I decided to invite us over for some pictures and luckily they welcomed us right in as opposed to throwing cans of PBR at us. That was nice.

Reliving the childhood years with her little brother.

This just about sums up what ever bride goes through with her family at some point on the wedding day.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Justine, you are ridiculous! This wedding is amazing!

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