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I have known the super gorgeous Jessie Malakouti since she was 17, just a babe in the world with her music career just barely sprouting. Now, a whole bunch of years later (I've lost count), she is wildly successful with her own band, Jessie & The Toy Boys and has been on tour opening for Britney Spears and wowing huge audiences with her talent. A couple of months ago Jessie came to the new studio to do a shoot for her new single, Perfect Shade of Red which should be available soon via iTunes. I wasn't sure which image had been selected but I was thrilled to see that the cover art is now finished and looks fantastic. Awesome makeup by the adorable Colby Makeup.

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Photographing little ones is always a challenge, but a fun one. You never know what they are going to do, what sort of mood they are going to be in and whether or not they feel like having a camera pointed at them on that particular day. Eloise & Myer are the most darling little people and have such distinct personalities. It's so much fun to watch them grow up and change so much every time I get to see them. You've got to love the toddler fashion statement (backwards bike helmet) and the "loving" sibling relationship in these.

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One of my absolute favorite things to shoot is a day-after session with a great couple. On the wedding day itself sometimes we are on too much of a time crunch or emotions are running too high to get a really relaxed portrait session with a bride and groom. Then there is also the matter of getting the dress dirty. But one way or another there are some limitations to what we can do on the wedding day itself. After all, the wedding day is about...well, the wedding. As it should be. And on the wedding day I try to make the photography about the wedding. But the day after the wedding day is a great time to be all about the photography and that's when the creative fun really begins. At this point the couple is about as relaxed as they are ever going to be and they are


I've always been one to gather people into my life and hang onto them for a long time. Decades even. I happened to meet Terra during a fashion workshop I took at Calumet about 5 years ago. Terra was living in LA at the time, modeling and hoping to go back to school to get her masters in Medieval Studies. I thought she was the most beautiful nerd I had ever met and I loved photographing her. So we kept in touch over the years even after life took her away from LA and up to Seattle. And as luck would have it, she met the most wonderful guy there, Randall...another beautiful smart person, although perhaps slightly more subdued in personality than my girl Terra. They are a perfect match and I was so thrilled to fly up to Portland to photograph their wedding at The Kennedy School. My husband

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Introducing the amazing, talented and beautiful Mary Thornton Brown! Actress, lover of the outdoors, tremendous entertainer. We have only just met but after our session together and the loveliest dinner party at her house the following week, I know we're becoming fast friends. Looking forward to many more times together Mary! xo

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