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Introducing the lovely Darden/ Ferrari family session starring a very beautiful and spirited little girl named Phoenix. This was one of my first sessions in the new studio and I found it to be a great place to shoot toddlers...simply because they are on the move so much. One of the benefits of having a natural light studio being that we are not confined to just the spot that happens to be lit. And when shooting toddlers, it is important to be able to chase them around and to keep them moving because, really don't have a lot of choice in the matter. Unless you want to hear a lot of wailing. :)

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Catie & Mike are just one of the coolest couples I've ever worked with and I loved how their personal style really showed through in every aspect of their wedding. But somehow they managed to pull together a cohesive day that honored their Greek heritage while at the same time maintaining a super stylish hipster vibe that was so true to their personality as a couple. As soon as I heard they were using a color palette of gray, peach and green, I knew it was going to be just stunning. The fact that I rode the subway between the ceremony and reception with the wedding party was a new one for me but gave us all sorts of fun opportunities to do pictures along the way. I loved this wedding and I loved working with the amazing team who pulled it all together. Coordinator: Bash, Please Ceremony Venue: St. Sophia Greek

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Sneak Peek

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Portland for a wedding, I somehow got the idea in my head that I needed to shoot some film. Of course I decided this after I had already left home without an actual film camera or film. D'oh! So with the help of my trusty iPhone, I found the nearest camera store and we decided to walk there from our hotel, a couple of miles. It was only when we arrived that I realized that this was a super old school camera shop. Like SUPER old school. So instead of buying the little Canon I thought I might pick up used, I found myself purchasing a Mamiya medium format monster of a camera. I also cleaned the place out of 120 film...which was exactly 10 rolls. And the very next day I whipped it out and put it to work. Today,


I'm not usually a headshot photographer but this being Los Angeles and all, everyone seems to need one. And I've actually been having a ton of fun photographing headshots specifically for women in my studio lately. Maybe because the light is so soft and pretty and flattering. The lovely Shani Darden, aesthetician to the stars came to me for a family portrait session and we managed to squeeze in a few updated headshots for her as well.

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Diana is a great friend of mind and the pastry genius behind one of my main obsessions in life, Lollibakes...aka gourmet cake pops. She needed a new headshot(ish) for a few reasons to be announced in the coming weeks and months so I dragged her into the new studio. I must say, there is something that is so much fun about shooting headshots for women (especially in LA) because there is room to add in a little glamour. Because if you're not all corporate and business-y, why bother with a standard headshot. Let's do something fun and cute!