Okay wedding photographers of the female variety, this post is for you. How many times have you discussed with other photographer friends, “what do you wear to shoot in?” This conversation is so prevalent amongst our ranks for good reason. We want to look professional and polished and appropriately dressed for a wedding, but we also need to be comfortable and able to move around with ease without being restricted by our clothing. I like to shoot in a dress or skirt, that is just my personal preference. But along with that choice comes the inevitable problem, what shoes do I wear?

Well I do believe that I have stumbled across the perfect pair of wedding shoes. They are called the Jupiter by Softwalk.

Black leather Mary Janes with rubber soles and eggcrate footbeds. They literally (that’s for you SB) feel like walking on clouds. I’ve never put on a more comfy pair of shoes in my life and I love that I can wear them with a skirt or with pants.

I found them on Zappos and after seeing 216 reviews, all with 4 or 5 star ratings I thought…how is it possible that everyone loves these shoes? I couldn’t believe it. So I bought them. And now I’m a believer.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    OMG! These are the shoes that I wear and I TOTALLY agree! I’ve worn probably 10 different pairs for weddings, and these were recommended to me by my physical therapist after I broke my leg in five places! They are the BEST SHOES, and they’ve lasted me (the same pair) through two entire wedding seasons now, and are about to start their third. They last FOREVER, clearly (I changed into them on the wedding we did together last year — I was wearing a dress and worried they would look silly — after a few hours in flats, my feet were KILLING me, and I realized I totally didn’t care anymore) Now they’re the only shoes I’ll wear for weddings!

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