I will admit that I do have some weddings from last fall that I still have on my list to blog. But after having shot my first wedding of 2012 over the weekend in Providence, RI I was just too excited not to share this one right away even if I’m going a little out of order. I was very fortunate to already know this family, having photographed Candas’ brother Ton’s wedding to the lovely Blythe in Virginia back in 2007. So 4.5 years later I was so excited to catch up with everyone and hear about all of their life updates.

Now getting to Providence was not easy…and any wedding photographers out there who think that destination weddings are glamourous have obviously never seen me schlepping 60 pounds of camera gear through the airport while dressed very much like a homeless person. Or the small but plentiful internal panic incidents as I worry and fret who on earth is going to heave my ThinkThank roller bag into the overhead bin for me. This bag is not enormous but it holds a shockingly huge amount of gear…which is awesome until you have to lift it over your head. So a quick piece of advice? If you need help lifting your gear into the overhead bin…always ask for help from another passenger. Do NOT ask a flight attendant for help as they may find a reason to separate you from your bag.

So after one big plane and one small plane, I made it to Providence in one piece…a great start. And although it turned out to be cold, super overcast and even a little bit sprinkly, this wedding was just a perfect storm for me…chock full of beautiful beautiful emotion all day. And that made me unbelievably happy…hence the rather large selection of images below. Enjoy!

My dearest Candas & Nat, I can’t even express to you how happy I was to spend your wedding day with you. I look forward to seeing both of you and your incredibly lovely families in the future. xoxo

Coordinator: Andria Medeiros of Inifinite Events
Hotel: Renaissance Providence Downtown
Ceremony Venue: Roger Williams Botanical Gardens
Reception Venue: CAV

And of course a huge thank you to Stacey Doyle for coming out to shoot with me!

5 Responses to “Providence Wedding – Candas & Nat”

  1. James Moro says:

    Beautiful wedding! I love the photo of the couple looking all Vogue in front of the window/brick wall. what a rad reception venue!

  2. Nat Lester-Coll says:

    Justine, your photos rock! Stunning, really- you captured our day with style, ingenuity and finesse. We were completely spellbound when we saw these. Above all, it was absolutely wonderful to share our wedding with you- we really feel like you’re a member of the family and I can’t imagine anyone else photographing our wedding.

  3. Candas Pinar says:

    We adore you, Justine Ungaro! You’re a kindred spirit and a true gem of a person. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to thank you enough for the memories, the heirlooms you created for us.

  4. margie says:

    Congratulations to a lovely couple. Justine, your work takes my breath away. You capture such emotion and joy.

  5. Stephen says:

    Awesomeness! Pure awesomeness!

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