It’s rare that you get to bond with a couple in the very special way that I bonded with Nicole & Mike over the course of just a couple of days together. And I’ll get into that in more detail in some other blog post when I can pull my thoughts together enough to be articulate. This wedding was very special in so many ways. And I got so much love and hugs from Nicole & Mike’s parents over the course of this weekend that I thought my heart just might melt or explode, I wasn’t sure which. But this particular wedding was just so full of raw emotion that I decided to show the entire highlights slideshow in black & white. Just to cut right through everything else to what was really going on, the good stuff, the stuff that matters in life. The people, their relationships with one another and their interactions. So that’s what I’m going to show here as well. Just the the feelings and none of the stuff. I hope you enjoy!

Here is where things really started to get emotional. Nicole’s sweet father could not even glance in her direction without weeping. I remember his wife eventually saying to him “Felix, pull yourself together. You need to have a drink.”

Thank you to Joey from Artisan Events for his always flawless decor and coordination and for Chris Arnold for 2nd shooting with me!

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  1. John Edgar says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Great black and whites, great images, stunning couple.

    Nothing but class here. Love it.

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