As I woke up this morning I was informed by my husband that I had missed (slept right through) the royal wedding which I had fully intended to stay up for. Oops. Apparently I can’t do math and I didn’t know what day it was. Double oops. But what else is new. Oh well. Luckily I was able to turn on my tv and watch the constant stream of all of the pomp and circumstance as if I had caught it live. Despite the fact that there has been a countdown and constant speculation going on for months and some are ready to rip their own hair out at the very mention of the royal wedding, I rather enjoyed all of it.

So the only thing I really had to know was what did the dress look like? I thought Kate looked classic and regal in her Alexander McQueen gown. She looked just like a princess should…even a little Grace Kelly-esque. And although the dress was beautiful and appropriate, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit underwhelmed by the ensemble. I don’t know, I just thought I might see something that felt slightly more “fashion” on such a modern girl. Although I must say that I did appreciate the unfussyness of her train in perhaps an attempt to not outdo the lovely Diana who sported a 25 foot sweeping train. The one thing I was overjoyed to see? Sleeves! Now no offense to my own lovely brides who have donned beautiful strapless dresses or those who will in the future. It is a great silhouette and stunning on many figures. However, it is not universally stunning as the dress-makers have tried to make us believe in the past 8 or so years…and it is not the ONLY option. I think that many of us in the wedding industry are thrilled to see a dress that is sure to become iconic influence the gowns that we will be photographing for many years to come. So bring it on…let’s see some sleeves!

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  1. Glenda says:

    Completely agree – I cried tears of joy when I saw sleeves!! ;)

  2. Sloane says:

    Hah! Mom had the same reaction to her sleeves — while I loved the dress I ended up wearing, I think both of us agreed that had we been able to find one with sleeves, we would have gone in that

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