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As I woke up this morning I was informed by my husband that I had missed (slept right through) the royal wedding which I had fully intended to stay up for. Oops. Apparently I can't do math and I didn't know what day it was. Double oops. But what else is new. Oh well. Luckily I was able to turn on my tv and watch the constant stream of all of the pomp and circumstance as if I had caught it live. Despite the fact that there has been a countdown and constant speculation going on for months and some are ready to rip their own hair out at the very mention of the royal wedding, I rather enjoyed all of it. So the only thing I really had to know was what did the dress look like? I thought Kate looked classic and regal in her Alexander McQueen gown.

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I've been pretty busy lately and I have tons of new work and experiences to blog about in the coming weeks. But I had to take just a minute to share my glee over my brand new white iPhone which I purchased this morning. For months there have been rumors that the white version of the iPhone4 would be released and today was the day. Considering that my branding is all white, my dogs are white, most of my furniture is white, I have a white car (well, pepper white, close enough), I may as well wait for the white iPhone as well. And today, I got it...and it's a beauty. A few people on Twitter asked me what's so great and new about is it different from the original iPhone 4 etc.? Well, nothing. It's just white. But that's enough for me. My husband has a thing for