When Catherine & Robert asked me to shoot part of their engagement session “on a bench downtown”, I thought they were referencing the now famous 500 Days of Summer bench where I shot last year with Jay & Mike. Catherine’s response of “no, it’s far less romantic than that” made me smile. These two simply wanted to revisit a set of benches in the courtyard between two rather non-descript office buildings where their romance had initially bloomed. I thought it was a sweet and personal thing that they wanted to go spend some time in a place that was familiar and special to them, even though to the outside world, these were just any old benches. You know there are a million and one locations you can choose for your engagement session but I think there’s something about that place that’s only special to that one couple is kind of a nice little private secret to have. So I encourage all of you out there…consider locations that are special to you…who cares if they are particularly scenic or popular shooting locations. I certainly don’t and I love exploring new places.

After the benches, we headed over to Pasadena City Hall to take advantage if the Spanish architecture and lovely garden. Enjoy!

Congratulations Catherine & Robert, so looking forward to your wedding at Luminarias!!


  1. What a beautiful couple! I love these shots. I love that they wanted to incorporate the special benches where they first met!
    I always love reading your posts over at Pictage. I thought your about me blurb today was especially interesting : ).

  2. Karen says:

    what a great session! I love how you incorporated the architecture into their shoot. beautiful photos!

  3. Melanie East says:

    Beautiful photographs. Beautiful couple. I’d be over the moon to receive images like these :)

  4. Petra Hall says:

    I just love that image with him lifting her up, with that white building in the background. Full of love and joy!

  5. Anne says:

    Really cute couple- Very charming story, and so so well written Justine! I love the way you brought it to life.

  6. Absolutely love your work… I’m an aspiring photographer myself, but I just wanted to take the time to let you know.
    Best of luck!

  7. Jackie says:

    They capture so much. Major props to the photographer

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