The Guzmans are close friends of some of my other portrait clients which I find is true of pretty much everyone I photograph these days. Los Angeles has been smushed down to a very small circle for me which to be honest, makes it much more lovely and small-town(ish). It feels like everyone knows everyone and all I want is to be THE photographer amongst my own little circle. Mostly I focus in Studio City and the Hollywood Hills but I’m finding myself more and more all over this sprawling city, most recently over in Beverlywood to work with this truly loving and fun family.
We played on the trampoline a bit and the girls called the static electricity “being electrified”. We had an awful lot of fun with all of that hair. :)
Plato, the family dog (who I hear goes on his own playdates) fully participated in our session as well…performing all sorts of amazing tricks.
Most people might find the bathroom to be a rather unconventional location for portraits but we made it work. These two remind me so much of my sister and I when we were growing up. So much love and so much torture.
At the end we grabbed one of the whole family…although not before attempting to copy one of the poses from the Awkward Family Photos book which was proudly displayed on the coffee table. One of my goals in life is to never have any of my work included in such a book in the future.

Lots more new work to come very soon…

2 Responses to “Beverlywood Portraits – The Guzman Family”

  1. Paul Rumohr says:

    What a great series of shots of this great looking family. I can certainly see a lot of these prints looking fantastic on their living room or den wall!

    Great job!

  2. lroah says:

    Love this session!!!

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