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I almost cried when I ready what Sarika & Prabhu wrote about me on their wedding website, it was just so so sweet. "Picking a photographer is somewhat of an intensive process. We came up with a list of our top 60 photographers located both in California and Washington DC and slowly whittled away until we came up with our number one. Which unsurprisingly was the first one Sarika found and contacted, Justine! It was so important to have someone we felt we could be friends with, someone that was able to capture the emotion as well as the moments of the day and most importantly, capture the essence of us. We are absolutely stoked to work with Justine!!!" I must say that I certainly feel as though we have become friends over the past year. These two are some of the loveliest, most gracious people I've ever met and it was

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The holiday season is about to begin. And just FYI...that means complete and total lunacy for myself and every other family photographer in the country. I have already started shooting sessions for all of my regular portrait clients and I was thrilled that Arlene, Tom and Ben caught me early this year. Ben is away in his first year of college so we nabbed him while he was home. So if you are one of my regular holiday clients, please be sure to get in touch with me ASAP. I literally have like 2 more days available this year to shoot. Don't make me chase you down!


This wedding was Old Hollywood at its finest. Cicada, an art-deco restaurant from the 1920's served as a perfect venue for Anora & Josh's September wedding in downtown Los Angeles. Anora donned a lace vintage bridal gown while Josh looked handsome in a classic white dinner jacket with bow tie. These two couldn't have been more stunning (or tall) if they had tried. And it was all pulled together flawlessly by Amy Huth of Design In Mind Events. I was super lucky to have CK Hwang along to 2nd shoot with me. Some of his beautiful images are mixed in with my own below. Enjoy! We started with the girls who had their hair & makeup done at Neihule Salon. Then it was off to the Biltmore Hotel so that everyone could get dressed. CK went to hang out with the guys. Here's a tip for all of you photographers. I hung the dress

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I knew from the first email I ever received from Jay that I would have to shoot her wedding. She was just so enthusiastic about photography and was so full of ideas, I knew we were meant for each other. :) One of my favorites ideas she had was to take inspiration from one of their favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer, for their engagement session. So a couple of days before our scheduled session, I re-watched the movie and Jay sent me a map of all of the various downtown LA locations where they shot it. Some locations we just couldn't get to but I think we nailed the most important one...the one that resonated in my mind most of all...the now very famous bench. Now if you haven't seen the movie, it has a very strong architectural theme so I wanted to incorporate the city of downtown Los Angeles

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Hey everyone. I'm blogging from the east coast, specifically DC this week. Lots of weddings this time of year. Busy busy. But way back in August I had the incredible pleasure to photograph my friend Simon's family (whom I affectionately refer to as "Pictage Simon) and I must say that his wife Maryam and daughter Yasmin are just as delightful and dreamy as Simon is. Just the loveliest family in so many ways. So I spent the afternoon in Venice with them, starting at their home, then we canoed down the canal to the beach. Well they canoed, I ran along side with cameras dangling from me but you get the idea. My side of things is always far less glamourous than what you see in the pictures. It's funny how people who work with photographers are just like us...they have few or no pictures of their own families. So Simon

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