Exciting news everyone! This has all come together over the course of just a few hours really but I was excited and thrilled when Walter Van Dusen, an awesome wedding photographer and the host of the Mystic Seminars asked me to speak at Mystic 6 which is to be held…where else? Mystic, Connecticut on January 6-9, 2011. And what a lineup he has! I’m both flattered and humbled to appear amongst such greats as Cliff Mautner, Michael Greenberg, Yervant, Jesh De Rox, Angela Carlson, John Edgar, Sean & Mel McLellan, Sergio, Richard Esposito, Chuck Arlund, Doug Gordon, David Beckstead, Andrew Funderberg, Matt Mendelsohn, Todd Laffler, Davina & Daniel, Joseph Victor Stefanchik and of course Walter Van Dusen himself.

I will be talking about creating a consistent shooting style that is both modern and classic, but inclusive of the traditional aspects of photography that your clients want. How to interact with your clients, anticipating moments so that you are ready when they present themselves and how to create great moments when it feels like you just aren’t seeing any. And really a whole slew of other stuff too. So please, go register now. Walter told me that he is limiting this year’s attendance to no more than 300 photographers so it’s sure to sell out. I’d love to see some familiar faces in the crowd and I hope to see many of you blog readers there!

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  1. Thank you VERY much for being a part of Mystic 6. I can’t wait for your program!! Have a great day. Walter

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