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Here is a quick sneak peek from the Old Hollywood wedding I photographed this weekend at Cicada in downtown Los Angeles.

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Today I have been working on editing a wedding I shot last month. And one of the images inspired me to do a blog post. This one is for you photographers...although I think it might be educational to anyone who is in the process of hiring a wedding photographer or thinking about it. So anyway most of us wedding photographers like to photograph the wedding gown before the bride actually gets into it. It's just something we do. Many of us have to seek out a decent-looking wooden or silk hanger just to get the dress off of the god-awful plastic thing that the dress shops provide. It just doesn't make for a pretty picture. So once we've found a decent-looking hanger, we look for a good location to photograph the dress. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it's hard. This particular wedding was at a cool, private home with some interesting

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Today for educational purposes (for clients, other photographers, friends, family, whoever is interested) I thought I'd share what my weekends look like...because I think they look quite different from people I know who have what I like to call "a proper job." This first photo (on the left) was taken yesterday (Saturday) when I was about to leave to go shoot a wedding. Please note the bottle of water (futile attempt to hydrate) and the bottle of Advil (an absolute necessity). Now I love my job as much as anyone, and I feel incredibly lucky to do what I do. However, I feel that now and then it's good to hang it out there into the public just how hard it really is...since every time I see an article or a tv piece about how anyone can be a wedding photographer, I get just a little bit hot under the collar.


It's hard to believe that it's fall already, especially here in Los Angeles where it's like 95 degrees out today. A good day to hide out, I think...and rest up for tomorrow's wedding at Cicada. So since I'm spending some time on the couch I thought it might be a good day to start thinking about this year's holiday mini-sessions. I don't have a date set just yet for this year's sessions. Last year I photographed 23 families over the course of 4 days and practically killed myself in the process. Well maybe I'm being just a little bit dramatic but I was pretty exhausted. So this year I plan to limit my holiday sessions to no more than 10 families, just for my own sanity. So, I am starting my list...if you want in please email me or leave a comment below and you will be amongst the first

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My lovely friend Nole over at Oh So Beautiful Paper was kind enough to share my new Musee Album by Queensberry over on her blog today, be sure to go check it out here. Nole and I share a love of delicious tactile experiences and were what I like to call "wedding contemporaries". She is also from my hometown DC and we recently got to share a train ride down from NYC after the Martha Stewart Weddings bloggers' night out party. This week I was also added to The Wedding Chicks' preferred wedding vendors list. I decided to go with a listing in Palm Springs even though I don't actually live there. I have been booking a lot of weddings there lately and I am just obsessed with Palm Springs style and all things mid-century modern. It's like visual candy for me and so inspiring. Plus it's the perfect weekend getaway

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