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There are few things in this world that I love as much as I love Lollibakes. If you have never heard of Lollibakes before now, you will soon. And if I am the one breaking the good news to you, then good for me, or you're welcome...or something. What are Lollibakes you ask? Ever heard of cake pops...aka cake on a stick? Well a Lollibake is the gourmet version of the cake pop, created and trademarked by my good friend and designer baked goods chef to the stars, Diana Sproveri. If I could have my wedding all over again, I would do away with the wedding cake and just serve these...or use them as favors, or something. Seriously, they are that delicious. Is it possible to be in love with baked goods? Anyway, Diana is opening her very own shop in just a few short months so in preparation for that,

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Becca was my bestest bestest friend for so so many years when we were kids and teenagers. But as things sometimes go we managed to lose touch during our college years. But at our 10 year high school reunion several years ago, we got to catch up and I had the pleasure of meeting her adorable boyfriend Rob for the first time. So you can imagine how delighted I was when Becca got in touch with me last year to tell me that she and Rob were engaged and that they wanted me to shoot the wedding. So back in June (yes, I'm a little bit behind) I flew to the beautiful island of Nantucket to spend 4 days with this beautiful family. A big thank-you to Rene Tirado for coming along to shoot this gorgeous wedding with me. First, here are a few images from the rehearsal dinner which was a

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I don't know about the rest of you but I have been waiting for this for a long time. My lovely pal Lisa has teamed up with the wonderful people over at Classique Eyewear to launch a brand new line of designer eyewear in Lisa's own signature cateye style. And I was the lucky one who got to photograph her for the campaign. We shot a few different looks to show off the fact that these glasses dress up or down really easily and that they are fabulous for any occasion. Check out a few of my favorites below. Musician Lisa Everday Casual Lisa Glamour/ Red Carpet Lisa The glasses are not available just yet but they will be soon so be sure to head over to the Classique website to sign the interest list and you'll be notified when they are available for purchase. Yay!

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Sometimes I forget to ask people how they got my name or where they heard about me. In fact I usually forget. But sometimes when I arrive at a wedding and see some familiar faces, I can trace back the referral to a past client of mine. This was one of those weddings. But when I saw the familiar faces, I realized that I had never actually met them. They were actually Jenni's clients, but since I had done their post-processing and wedding album design, I thought that I knew them. Jill & Stephen (the familiar faces) had been a referral from Molley & Tim, some of my clients from 2008 back in DC. So this particular referral string led me all the way from Washington DC to Lake Tahoe for Amanda & Mike's wedding. Like many of my weddings, I never actually got to meet Amanda and Mike until the

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Memorial Day weekend this year was a busy one for me...and I know, I'm way way late to be blogging about Memorial Day weekend but what can I do. Jenni & I started the day with Tracy over at the Sofitel in Washington DC and eventually made it over to Decatur House which is right next door to the White House. Personally I love a wedding that is all in one location. No driving, no traffic, it make everything so much more streamlined...and fun. I was just tickled to work with some fabulous vendors on this wedding: Coordinator: Ritzy Bee Flowers: Chapple Flowers Caterer: Susan Gage

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