I can tell you from experience that getting up the day after your wedding to do another photo shoot isn’t easy. My husband and I dragged ourselves out of bed around noon the day after our own wedding when my good friends Nicole & Brad Wolf showed up at our hotel loaded with gear and assistants to photograph us for our “Mr. & Mrs. Session”. We were both exhausted and could have easily just slept the day away if we’d been allowed to, but in the end we were so so glad to have the images that we now have hanging on our walls.

The truth is, most couples these days don’t particularly want to spend their whole wedding day posing for pictures, and I can’t blame them. I always try to make the most of every second that I have with a couple on their wedding day. Sometimes it’s a lot of seconds, sometimes not…every wedding is different. However, when I can talk my clients into throwing on their wedding clothes the next day, messy hair and everything, it is always a blast. The best part? You don’t have to worry one single little bit about getting the dress dirty anymore. Now I’m not one who is out to “trash the dress”, I just love a good opportunity to take some fun images without having to worry about a little bit of dirt or some wrinkles.

Luckily for me Kristen & Jon Paul were totally up for a day after session and boy did we have fun. In fact, Kristen was so chipper the morning after her wedding that she called me at 8am. I wasn’t even awake yet since I’d been up until about 4am downloading memory cards. I loved her enthusiasm though and after I managed to pour a few cups of coffee down my throat, I headed back over to The Parker to meet up with them once again.

Now since I never got to meet Kristen & Jon Paul until the day of their wedding, we never had the opportunity to do an engagement session so I figured why not grab a few images of them in some casual attire around The Parker?






Then it was time to throw the wedding clothes back on again, it took them like 3 minutes to change and we were off. A few images in their villa at The Parker.



And then it was off to The Ace Hotel where I shacked up during this particular trip. The Ace Hotel is an awesome chain of hipster boutique hotels, it seriously feels like summer camp for grown-ups. Perfectly comfortable and perfectly affordable with a fantastic restaurant and neat little in-room amenities. I highly recommend a visit. They also were hosting Modernism Week at the time so there was a show of Airstream trailers and lots of other fun stuff going on as well.






Finally we stopped in a random field on the way back to The Parker. The background was just too stunning to pass up, almost feels like Hawaii to me.






Again, thank you Kristen & Jon Paul for being so much fun to photograph!

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  1. tanya says:

    Stunning, Justine! The black & white with them sitting on the grass is perfection. :)

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  3. cindee bae says:

    these photo are so incredibly good i can hardly stand it, love, love the little prairie feel of them!

  4. Jilian says:


    And that dress of hers makes me want to get married all over again :)

  5. Rudy Arpia says:

    Hey Justine, just found your blog today and I’m really enjoying it!


  6. I came upon your blog today and I love these pictures. The whole feel of the shoot is so Hollywood. Also, your post processing colors have just the right touch for the mood. Good job.

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