Many of you know already that last month I traveled to Haiti with an organization called NRI, New Reality International. It was truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life and although I’ve had about 5 weeks to process everything emotionally, even now I can barely describe the amazing friendships I made, with both the North American medical team I traveled with as well as our Haitian translators.

I will share my images and some stories here on the blog over the next few weeks but in the meantime I wanted to share this little video/ photo slideshow I worked on over the weekend. I hope you enjoy. If you’d like to do something to help the people of Haiti who still desperately need the help, please visit to donate money, tents, medical supplies or to find out what other ways you might be able to contribute.

NRI Haiti Trip, March 2010 from Justine Ungaro on Vimeo.

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  1. Ellen Petty says:

    Completely gripping and moving. I can’t get the image of that terrified 2 year old out of my head. Thank you for telling the stiry so beautifully Justine. Donations made to New Reality go directly to the people of Haiti, and super easy to make!

  2. Susan says:

    Beautiful Justine. You captured both the struggle and the strength of the Haitian people. I especially liked the seconds between 2:38 and 2:43. The look on the little girls face and the gentle reach and show of love from the baby show two of many emotions the nation is feeling.

  3. Mary Wilson says:

    Justine and the North American Team from NRI Feb. trip,

    That video took me back and made me miss all of you and Haiti so much. Thank you for reminding me why I want to go back to that beautiful place. It’s hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t been there why I’m constantly trying to go made my heart weep once more for a time in my life that I know I can never recapture except through your amazing videotography and pictures. Thank you Justine. My heart is heavy….Mary

  4. justine, i love your video. it captures everything about haiti: the soul of the people and the beauty of the country. you managed to document the tragedy of the earthquake and the hope of the people together. xoxo

  5. Mary Lee says:

    Oh, Justine – it’s the eyes, the eyes of the small children looking afraid, confused, wondering – it all makes the viewer feel inside the pain. The older children seem to be loving the attention, the distraction from the scary times. But the adults all look so relieved to have help and people there who can encourage them and obviously are trying to make things better. What a powerful video – thank you so much. A real study in hunan interaction and caring.

  6. Frani Boberg, RN says:

    Justine, I had the privilege and honor to travel with Laila and a fabulous group of physicians and nurses in April. It is an emotional experience in the briefest sense of the word. The enormity of the trip is just settling in. I have never experienced such a beautiful, profound interaction with people of compassion, selflessness and devotion. Not a soul involved was there of themselves. We wanted to aid in any way possible. To spread the word that other human beings care about the way too long plight of a long ignored people. The Haitians deserve dignity as they show so much of it. They are beautiful and generous even though they have so little to give. Our group heard of your impact and having been on such a journey we all can share a very unique bond of humanitariansm that we just wish the world would “get”. Thank you for your pictures which tell an amazing tragedy which will hopefully, turn into a long overdue uplifting of a country of God’s people. Respectfully, Frani B.

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