I found this gown for The Unbride yesterday but I’m so so in love with it that I thought it should be the first in a new weekly column called “Wedding gown of the week”. My wedding may be over but that doesn’t mean I can’t still drool, right? Maybe I can get my husband to marry me again just so that I can wear this. :) This gown is called “Dawn” and is from Vera Wang‘s new spring 2010 collection. I adore this dress for it’s subtle sexiness, with one off-the-shoulder sleeve, for it’s deconstructed yet finished silhouette, for the asymmetrical neckline and for the fact that it has 2 bows that somehow completely work together. Romantic & edgy at the same time. I die over this gown. Someone please wear this so that I can live vicariously through you. :)

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  1. VIVIAN KHANH says:

    I saw this post a long time ago but never left a reply. I had been in love with this gown forever and went I saw your post I felt the same way. I wanted to wait until after my wedding to tell you that I was wearing this very gown to my wedding. I wanted to share my love for the gown with you and how romantic it was. I still sigh every time I look at my photos because the dress is so amazing. I’d like to send you some photos. Is there an email I can send you photos?

    Awesome blog and photography work btw. =)


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