I have so much photography to blog from the past couple of months, I didn’t even know where to begin. So I figured my session with Charlie & Sam, some of the most fun and handsome boys in all of Los Angeles would be a great place to start. Now besides these guys being great to hang out with for an afternoon, their house is just eye-candy for a mid-century modern lover like I am. That coupled with the fact that the boys wore simple clothing along with their cute buzzed haircuts made the images look like they could be straight out of the 1950′s. Like I always say, classic never goes out of style. Here is the album layout that they ordered from the session which I just can’t wait to get my hands on.












On a side note, Charlie & Sam’s mom Beth is a fantastically talented designer with the most amazing line of artistic, eco-friendly handbags. Check them out at

Photographers: This album was designed using Photojunction.

10 Responses to “Charlie & Sam – Portrait Album”

  1. Erica Clements says:

    Oh so stunning! And I agree, their house is awesome!!

  2. Mark and Jennifer says:

    We’ve known these boys their whole lives and you’ve done a remarkable job capturing their spirit. Fantastic work.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Just gorgeous. I love the black and white — it has such richness. The picture of the boys in front of the door reminds me of Julius Schulman.

  4. elena buckley says:

    What wonderful photos. Such a beautiful family.

  5. Bala Bahmet says:

    The photos are so beautiful, so timeless! I think my favorite is the Stand By Me (standing) with basketball. Stunning. Captures the nature of childhood.

  6. Claire says:

    Those are gorgeous. The photos AND the boys. You don’t normally associate boys that age with peacefulness, but there’s a beautiful calm in so many of the photos.

  7. Rob Greer says:

    Super nice work! And you did such a great job at establishing the relationship between the two brothers!

  8. chris tragos says:

    Great job getting the kids engaged! Beautiful fun photos filled with so much personality.

  9. jenni green says:

    what handsome little guys!

  10. christopher isenegger says:

    These photos are really lovely. The two b&w of the boys with their musical instruments on the front steps are timeless.

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