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My good friend Lisa has just debuted her own line of eyewear which was announced on yesterday. The glasses are available at and are super stylish. They almost make me wish I needed glasses...which I probably do after spending so much time on the computer. Thank goodness for auto-focus lenses, right? :) Lisa modeled one of her new designs for me at her wedding back in January.

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Hello everyone. Just wanted to hang out a public apology if you just clicked through from my email auto-responder for an email you may have sent me months ago. I turned on my auto-responder and had one tiny little setting wrong and it responded to ALL of the emails in my inbox. Unfortunately for all of you, I save emails for a long time in case I need to refer back to them later. Today that's come back to bite me. Oops. So I apologize for the confusion. But I do wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season! :) xoxo, Justine