So it’s Labor Day weekend and Gary and I are hiding out inside today from the heat and smoke and traffic and all of the rest of the CA nonsense we’re having at the moment. But all of this didn’t stop us from heading down to Laguna Beach on Friday to attend the grand opening of our good friend, Naomi’s new art gallery, Arin Contemporary.
And what an incredible time it was! Rob Wynne one of our favorite artists was showing and I finally got to meet him and tell him all about how my whole photography brand was built around one of his genius embroidered paintings. And I also finally got to see it in person and I must say that I really really want it…and I will have it sooner or later. :)

As if Friday night wasn’t lovely enough on it’s own, we stayed at our favorite little haunted inn in Laguna Beach, La Casa del Camino and had lattes and chocolate croissants in bed while watching reruns of Law & Order. Now if that isn’t my own personal heaven, I don’t know what is. On our way out of town we decided to pop by the gallery to see Naomi one more time and ended up venturing into the Rohrer Gallery next door and what a treat that was! You’d never know it from the street but this gallery is filled with some of the most amazing art I’ve ever seen. One piece was a prominently placed $7 million Monet and gallery owner Carey Conklin was kind enough to spend over an hour showing us around to various hidden spaces so that we could see all of their treasures.

What a treat the whole experience was! The next time you’re in Laguna Beach, be sure to venture away from the touristy area and up the hill to the North Coast Hwy where there are tons of incredible galleries. Of course now we’re dying to go back soon…

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