Sometimes I like to blog about things other than photography just because living in LA, some experiences are just too ridiculous not to write about. So the other night Gary and I met our friends Lisa & Roey at the Nokia Theater downtown to see our good friend Juan Patino who was on tour with the legendary Hall & Oates.

We had great seats right smack in the middle amongst lots of “super fans”. But none of the crazy dancing ladies could even hold a candle to the guys sitting across the aisle from us in full head-to-toe 80′s style Hall & Oates garb. And they seemed so serious too. People came from all over the theater to take pictures with them. Of course we had to as well. Leave it to a pro photographer to have only iPhone & Blackberry pictures of her own life but maybe one of these days I’ll pick up a new point-and-shoot that actually has a flash on it for this sort of occasion.

After the concert was over we went backstage to find Juan and in the process ended up meeting John Oates who is a super nice guy and was kindly mingling with all of us common folk. :) At that point Juan escorted us to the back-back-backstage dungeons where we were introduced to Daryl Hall. Now my husband is a huge fan so we had to get our picture taken with him and I must admit it was a little more exciting than meeting the faux Hall & Oates.

But after seeing those guys we’re now considering dressing as H&O for Halloween…that may even top our Sarah Silverman/ Jimmy Kimmel outfits from 2 years ago…

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  1. diana says:

    this was too funny! maybe you should take yourself to penn cam and get gary garrison to choose a new point and shoot for you or gary. jimmy loves the one i gave him (skinny sony) a couple of years ago for xmas!

  2. Pastrymaker says:

    I was at the show too!
    I didn’t see the H&O Guys until we were outside @ the end of the show.the height thing got me??

    Hey is that LISA LOEB w/ you in the pic??
    I relly love her music & she looks great.
    Thanks for the post.. Check out Hall&Oatesforever for the lates news & updates about the band!

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