What a trip to DC this has been! I have 2 weddings anxiously waiting to be blogged, but tonight I bring you the 4th and final engagement session of the week. I actually just met Cynthia and Ross for the first time tonight so it was a get-to-know-eachother/ engagement session. We met at the new house they just bought in the beautiful Glover Park neighborhood of DC. The house is undergoing some renovations right now but it suprisingly made for some pretty cool backgrounds for some of the portraits. Their adorable dog Scamp participated in a few and then Cynthia, Ross and I just bummed around the neighborhood for a while. A big thank you to Sara Muchnick from Engaging Affairs for bringing us together.

Cynthia & Ross, thank you for being great sports about my silly ideas and I’m so looking forward to your wedding!


















As a fellow Mini owner, I insisted that we had to take some pictures with Ross’ cute car!





28 Responses to “Cynthia & Ross – DC Engagement Session”

  1. Joel Lieberman says:

    Wow….Great pics. You guys look great! I am looking forward to the wedding.

  2. Gina DeVitis says:

    Great pictures…I LOVE the ones in the “construction zone!”

  3. Megan Daum says:

    What absolutely stunning photos!! Cyn and Ross look absolutely gorgeous and the pictures truly capture their beautiful love for one another. I especially love the ones in the “kitchen” and the one where Ross is carrying Cyn down the street.

  4. aparna saraf says:

    You two are gorgeous! Congratulations!!!

  5. Kelly Starosta says:

    Wow! These are amazing shots! You both look fabulous!

  6. Norm Lieberman says:

    Terrific pictures, it really captures both of you.

  7. Abby Cuthbertson says:

    Wow! So much kissing for one afternoon! You both look great. The photos are really unique and fun. It looks like you were both having a great time. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. Ruth & Michael Bair says:

    Looks like it was a good session! Great photography and some very expressive poses.

  9. Stuart Fischbein says:

    Great photos. Your a perfect match.

  10. Fran Gelfand says:

    You both look wonderful in all the pictures. I can’t even imagine how beautiful your wedding album will be

  11. Ronchick Pink says:

    What great photos! There are just too
    many good ones for me to choose a favorite! wow!
    I do love the ones featuring Cynthia, Ross
    and the Car~!

  12. Seth says:

    Nice photos. Congratulations, Ross, Cynthia & Scamp.

  13. Diane Lieberman says:

    I can’t believe how great the photo’s are. I enjoy looking at them over and over again.

  14. Linda Mahler says:

    You two look great together! I can’t wait to meet you in person. You remind me of us- 37 years ago. You could be models in magazine ads- Scamp too! Thanks for sharing them.

  15. Ansley Erdel says:

    These are awesome. Love the one of Cyn dragging ross across the street! I would give anything to have seen you in the neighborhood during this photo session…

  16. Josh Ross says:

    awesome, ross you look like a thousand bucks — cynthia you look like a million bucks

  17. Krista Maximiek says:

    The photos are absolutely wonderful! I especially like the construction zone and street shots.

  18. David Mahler says:

    What a beautiful couple. You looked like you were having fun. Very creative shots!

  19. Jane says:


  20. linda lawrence says:

    Looks like you had great fun at your photo shoot. Love them all–especially the first one. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  21. Great photos. I’ve seen a lot lately, and these really stand out as the best. Congrats to Ross & Cynthia, and looking forward to the wedding!

  22. Aunt Ellen says:

    Wonderful pics! All three of you look great!

  23. AT says:

    haha, you took pictures in Z-burger!!!

  24. Lori Lawrence Campbell (and John :) says:


  25. Michael & Amy Lawrence says:

    What gorgeous pictures!! They all look amazing! We’re looking forward to the wedding.

  26. Jack Lawrence says:

    I see great pictures of two great people with lots of love in each shot.

  27. Norma & Dave Fischbein says:

    All the pictures were great. The love you feel for each other radiates through each picture. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  28. Chris Cinnamon says:

    Beautiful pictures, wonderful compositions and lots of love. Congratulations!

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