When you live in Hollywood sometimes you have to go to Hollywood things like premiere parties and stuff.  Sometimes it’s not as glamorous or fun as it sounds and you strike deals with your husband to go home early. But last night was actually both fun and glamorous and a really great night out.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jordan emailed me with a very simple question, “want to do something fun with us on the 25th?” I thought sure, maybe the 4 of us will go bowling or something. Then she came out with it, “want to go to the Bruno premiere?” Okay. We decided that we must properly document the evening via iPhones.


So we battled the traffic over the hill over to the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, picked up our tickets at will call and proceeded into the theater. Of course we had to pause for just a minute to check out Bruno himself being interviewed on the monogrammed (red) carpet.



Gary is sort of a popcorn freak so we had to bee-line it straight to the free popcorn where we took more than our share and practically bumped right into Isla Fisher who could not have been lovelier. We both sort of adore her so Gary took this picture of me feeling like an idiot as I snatch up 2 bags of kettle corn and a sierra mist.


So then it was onto the movie which I can only say was one of the greatest and most wildly inappropriate things I’ve ever seen and I laughed until I cried until I couldn’t cry any more. Any adults out there should really see it…unless you are offended by male nudity…because there is LOT of that.

Next we were thrilled to find out that we were actually invited to the after party, so we went. Most of the food was a little um…phallic.


And the room was decorated with huge “portraits” of Bruno.


And there was a photo booth…this was our best take.


And once we’d had enough Hollywood & strawberry cocktails, it was time to head home and back to reality. But it was a night to remember for sure.

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  1. wow looks like you had a blast! i love your photobooth pic too. i cant wait to see the movie :o ) is it better than Borat though!?

  2. No way, we are so jealous! My husband’s name is Bruno and he has the same accent (except for real). And if my husband doesn’t get a haircut soon, his hair will look just like “Bruno”. I can’t wait for the movie to come out so the teasing can start!

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