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This afternoon was my niece Zoe's 10th birthday party, her real birthday is this Wednesday. But a bunch of close friends and family members gathered at "Chez Rocker" for a little celebration this afternoon. Usually I like to leave my camera at home when I'm not working but today I felt inclined to bring it along. Perhaps because I just got a brand new Hayward tote bag and I needed to put some stuff in it so that I could show it off. :) Whatever the reason, having it with me inspired me to shoot more personal stuff on a regular basis so I'm going to make an attempt to drag my camera pretty much wherever I go and just see what happens...even if only to have plenty of images to blog. So here are a few from Miss Zoe's party. After all of the kiddos were like shriveled little raisins


When you live in Hollywood sometimes you have to go to Hollywood things like premiere parties and stuff.  Sometimes it's not as glamorous or fun as it sounds and you strike deals with your husband to go home early. But last night was actually both fun and glamorous and a really great night out. A couple of weeks ago my friend Jordan emailed me with a very simple question, "want to do something fun with us on the 25th?" I thought sure, maybe the 4 of us will go bowling or something. Then she came out with it, "want to go to the Bruno premiere?" Okay. We decided that we must properly document the evening via iPhones. So we battled the traffic over the hill over to the famed Grauman's Chinese Theatre, picked up our tickets at will call and proceeded into the theater. Of course we had to pause for just

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Sometimes my pictures are in magazines. Almost never is a picture of me in a magazine. So I figured why not share our wedding feature in the most recent issue of Washingtonian's Bride & Groom. Enjoy! A big thank you to our amazing photographer Greg Gibson! There is also a feature in this issue that I photographed, Sloane & Dave's wedding last May. I stole the above scans from Giselle's blog and I still need to scan my feature so that's coming soon. :)

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting Amy & George's gorgeous, elegant wedding at Dahlgren Chapel & The Reagan Building. These two make such a lovely delightful couple and had a lot of reasons to celebrate considering that they both just graduated from medical school. Needless to say, everyone was in a great mood and although the weather had been rather miserable in the days leading up to their wedding day, on June 6th, the clouds parted and it could not have been more gorgeous. I also got to work with some familiar faces which is always fun: Floral Design: Multiflor Video: Beth, Blue Sky Films We started the day at the Key Bridge Marriott, where some of my guests stayed for my own wedding. Then it was off to get hitched at Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown University. After the ceremony I got to have some fun with the wedding party in

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My relationship with Steve began about a year and a half ago when I contacted him about hiring his band, Gonzo's Nose to play at my own wedding. After a lot of emails back and forth, I officially booked them and a few months later dragged my friends Kelly and Mary to finally see them play live at Pentagon Row in Arlington. I had heard great things about the band for years but somehow never actually got to see them during my years in the DC area...probably because I was too busy shooting weddings on Saturday nights throughout my twenties. Anyway, it was that day at Pentagon Row that I finally got to meet Steve and the rest of the band in person. I mentioned something about being a wedding photographer and Steve admitted that he was also engaged. So of course being the shameless self-promoter that I tend to

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