Most of you have probably never heard of this before but there is a very special group of people in Los Angeles who call themselves the “Guerrilla Gardeners”. They take the time to go out and with our permission, beautify and greenify the city one little patch at a time. Think freeway exit ramps, highway medians and last night, a hill above an Arco gas station near Glendale. It’s not exactly legal but it seems that the authorities look the other way. Can you imagine being arrested or ticketed for planting flowers?!

Anyway, Gary’s friend Angela guerrilla gardens two or three nights a week and invited us to come along last night. What a cool experience it is! I didn’t actually plant anything myself because I was too busy shooting the process. So here are just a few.






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  1. diana says:

    i love the idea and i love the photographs. very beautiful. thank you.

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